B & B Hanoi Hotel is located in the heart of the city of HANOI, it has a good service and proper facilities and well managed by our very own helpful, enthusiastic staff. That all make us become the popular midrange hotels in the Old Quarter of Hanoi


1. Taxi airport scams. 

At the airport, our staff will hang up the pick up sign with our guests’ names, some taxi drivers copy the names and write them down in his own paper, and then quickly stand far in front of our staff and try to convince you go with them. Be careful! The following are some situations that can happen:

- On the way to the hotel, if the taxi driver says that B & B Hanoi Hotel is booked out and recommends you or drives you straight to another hotel, please do not believe him. What you should do is to contact the hotel’s number (84 4) 3935 22 66  and ask for information.

- The taxi driver tries to take your money every time you pass bridges and blames it for toll fees. Don’t pay him anything as the toll fee is included in the price which should be paid once you reach the hotel with the help of the reception.

- The taxi driver drops you off in front of our hotel and if there is a person running to you, telling you that “B &B Hanoi is full, please follow me to the second hotel”, please do not believe him. You should come in and ask the reception for exact information.

- If the taxi driver asks for any additional payment, just ignore him.

2/ Vietnamdong :

So many number “ 0” will make you confused. You should see carefully number and recognise the right one with colour to avoids loosing money by paying the wrong paper.


3/ Taxi at city :


When you want to take taxi, ask for help from receptionist from your hotelto avoids over charged by not good driver, who going around to charge you more.

If you take taxi on the street , should noted some reliable taxi company , and remember the name of taxi company and number at the side of the taxi, incase you forget something on car, or they make scams with you , we can help you to solve your problem.


4/ Crossing the street:


This is not real difficult lesson , you should get used to and try to keep your speed , do not hesistate , also do not stop stop suddenly , don’t use the phone or see your map when croosing. Just keep going slowly, people will know how to control to keep the distance with you.


5/ Buy travel ticket online:

There are real websites/companies, also a lot of fake websites/ companies online. You should check carefully , or being recommended  by friends who used services from that company in advance.

Make sure that you go the right way with the reliable ,  or they disappear without explanations, and no one could help.

  • When you booked somethings, should have some documents or proof about your payment and services , to make sure you will get what you paid for. Some company at fake travel agencies, who promise you about beautiful pictures for your trip, but give you a night mare .


6/ Street vendors:


  • Don’t take photo with street vendors , they will tell you with the most fabulous words , then you have to pay a lot after.
  • If you want to polish your shoes or using any service on the street. Ask price before .
  • If you don’t like something they ask you to buy, just say No  and go far away from them.


7/ Stolen :


  • When you go to crowded areas ( bus station, train station, market,..) , please be careful with your belongings.
  • Do not be drunk after mid night , and do not go to remote areas, your belongings will disappear and never return.

8. Shopping

You should bargain when you shop in local markets. For example, if the shop owner says 100 dollars, you should ask for 40, and then work for an agreement from there. If negotiations are not working, start to walk away and in the vast majority of cases, the shop owners will call you back and give you their best price.




This is your holiday , remember all this notes to make your trip perfect. This is not only some notes to travel in Vietnam , but also all over the world.

Vietnamese people are friendly , helful and always welcome you anyway.


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